Monday, February 23, 2009

some photos from the trip :D

Hey there guys and gals! Here are some photos from the trip :) Enjoy!

First, there is destination of an hour long hike.

Second, there is Beer Bong Bowling.

Third, I am reading a very education book.

Forth, being artsy with the camera and my snowboard.

Fifth, Enjoying the light fluffy snow with the girls!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am very tired!I

Hey there!

So the day after my crazy UBC Ski and Board Trip, I am still very tired. VERY TIRED! As my friend Kira witnessed while I was trying to study in the library today when I had a twenty minute nap. We both expressed that we felt we are floating on clouds today, that we are dizzy but not really at the same time and are were both having difficulties writing. This is all the effect of the UBC SKI AND BOARD READING BREAK TRIP!!!!

It was a really fun trip! I finially snowboarded Whitewater and Revelstoke! I was really impressed with the snow on Whitewater. The first day it had a big dump of snow, so all the way up to lunch time at about one we were cutting fresh tracks... AMAZING!!! Then on the second day about a dozen or so of us hiked for about an hour and got some amazing S-turns in. SO MUCH FUN!!! Then there was the hot springs, which was really nice and relaxing. Then that night I got a fever. For the next two days I was bed-bond with fevers, coughs and sniffles. NOT FUN! But I still pushed it and went out partying breifly that last night, had some fun. And then the next day I was still able to do some riding on Revelstoke. Revelstoke would be an amazing mountain if it had more snow. I told myself the next time there is a big dump of powder (probably won't be until next season) I will go and stay up there for a couple days and ride it out. That is an amazing mountain, and soon the whole world will know about it.

I have so many more stories than what I have presented to you, this is the PG, very, very short version, sorry. But if you wish to know more, just ask me. There are plenty of stories. It was an amazing trip, a lot of fun and I think I have made friends with people I will stay friends with.

I am lovin' it!

Tonight I am going to witness my girlfriend embarrass herself by being "Robyn Sparkles". It will be.... entertaining.

Hope all is well!
Best wishes!

Saturday, February 14, 2009



So tomorrow I am off on a very exciting adventure of snow, riding, lack of sleep, sore muscles and lots of booze! I am off on the UBC Ski and Board CLub Reading week trip to White Water and Revelstoke! I can't wait to get some serious powder riding in! I have never ridden either of these mountains and I am really looking forward to them. I am also really looking forward to the my roomies! It is going to be a blast!

I know my posts have serious lack of substance right now, but soon that will change and I will update you on all the exciting things in my life. No worries it will be fun times.

Well the one person who will be reading this is the one person who knows everything going on in my life.... I heart you baby!!! But to those of you who just happen to come across my as-of-right-now-boring-blog, I will make it more interesting with opinions, pictures (maybe videos), and events in my life. But you need to be able to write in HTML language to add stuff right? Well then you may only get opinions and events in this blog, haha!

HAHAHA! oh wait... I can add photos and videos and stuff... wow I am amazing!

Thanks for checking in!

Have a fabulous evening, a great week and a fun weekend!!
Best wishes

To my girl: I miss you already baby girl! xoxoxox!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My first blog

Hey! Just thought I would start off by saying a quick "hello"!

So..... HELLO!

I will write something that is more informational soon....very soon.

Have a great day!
Best wishes