Saturday, February 26, 2011

Recent obsessions: James Franco

James Franco
Everyone keeps talking about the many "faces" of James Franco.  He has dabbled in acting, writing, directing, modeling and learning.  He is currently enrolled at four universities for different graduate subjects and his assistant makes sure he gets sleep and eats.
The Actor, The Student
The reason for this recent obsession, is his ability to be able to do so many things at once. RESPECT!  Acting alone is a full time job, when you are filming and so is university when you are taking a full course load.  Franco pushes that envelope further too: he is doing three or four.  All at different universities!  Not to say that it is quality over quantity but he is not doing a half bad job.  His more serious roles as an actor (Milk, Howl, and 127 Hours) were amazing.  I haven't seen 127 Hours yet, but I have heard nothing but great reviews.
The Artist, The Writer
I also think he is fascinating.  There is little shadow of doubt looming around his sexual orientation.  He does not push this doubt away or deny anything; James Franco embraces the doubt.  I love it!  However it gets him even more attention than he is already getting.  I think it is very "forward-thinking" of him to allow to public to know fully know the "true" James Franco.
(I don't remember what the one on the left is), The Soap Opera Actor
James Franco: I respect you for doing so many "activities" and you fascinate me.  I can't wait to see the other projects he will be a part of.  I am very excited to watch his career unfold. 
(Something I can't remember), The Face

All pictures taken from New York Magazine article, titled "Is james Franco for Real?"

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recent obsessions: Ukulele

A recent obsession of mine has been playing my ukulele.  Jenn got it for me about a year ago and I haven't really playing it at least at home in Vancouver.  However while being unemployed in Singapore, I have been able to start consistently practicing. The inspiration to play everyday came from another amazing House of Ten entry (the link will take you right to the entry I am referring to).  I discovered Jerry Sienfield's wonderful way of getting good at something: practice everyday and mark it on a calender. 

I have wanted to play ukulele ever since I first step on Hawaiian soil back in 1997 for the first time.  I fell in love with the chill, hang loose attitude that Hawaii encompasses.  And the ukulele has always been a representation of that outlook.

I am proud to say that I still suck, but at least I don't suck as bad as when I first started! Improvement is the first step to being awesome!

Here is a video of a wonderful man playing a wonderful song on his ukulele:

Here is another wonder player of the ukulele:

She is actually playing for the Bushman Music Ukulele Video Contest, which anyone in the world can join.  I hope to one be able to feel like I am good enough to enter this contest.  Not win, oh no... just feel I am worthy of entering would be awesome!

P.S. I know my link colour sucks, but blogger design template is still not working yet so I am not able to change the colour, SORRY!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recent obsessions: Welcome!

Welcome to Recent Obsessions! 

These segments will include people or stuff I have recently becomed obsessed with.  It will describe how and why I feel a obsession about that person or thing.  Hopefully there will also be pictures included.

Be ready for such obsessions:
***Drum roll please***
- Mark Zuckerberg
- James Franco
- Ukulele

These obsessions may also include music! Yeah music!

I don't know if this will be a weekly thing, but who knows!  We will see how much stuff I get obsessed about!
Hope you like these segments!  Best wishes!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Art Gallery!

The Cow that greeted us when we entered the Art Gallery
Last week the girls and I went to the ART GALLERY!  Janette was definitely the encouragement for this outing.  There was a Japanese artist who Janette really likes and so we went during their free hours on Friday. 

Paint: dripping
The art gallery was in this old building and the rooms were full of art from different artists.  The building reminded me of a castle without the bricks.  It’s layout was around a courtyard in the middle. The rooms were confusing and there was no continuity to the building layout.  

Janette in a pink doorway

The art was fantastic!  It was fun to feel cultural for an afternoon. 

Emma admiring the artwork
 After the art gallery we met up with the boys for some Friday night drinks and food!  We down to Clarke Quay.  When we arrived, it was still happy hour at some places so we stopped for some drinks.  They boys met us at The Clinic.  The Clinic is a bar that serves shots in IV bags and in syringes.  We just got some beer.  We walked around Clarke Quay and then headed home.  It was a fun Friday night! 

The girls!  At the Clinic