Saturday, May 29, 2010

Open Mic Night

I was at the Wired Monk on 4th near Macdonald, last night and it was open mic night. I had a blast! My friend Debbie came out with me, well she actually invited me out. It was great. Just peeps with their guitars, cellos and bass!... and there was a flute! Also, acoustic everything! It was so chill! I would love to go there with my laptop, book, sketch book and just chill out listening to some good tunes and be semi productive (with my laptop)! It was great! I definitely recemmond this sort of thing if you are looking to not spend too much money and still have a good time out of the house (coffee at Wired Monk is quite expensive though, but their london fog is delicious).

If you ever want to check it out: Thursday nights at the Wired Monk. Starts at about 730-8. And goes till about 11 because of the noise complaints. It also sounded like they have performances on Friday nights as well!

It's a great time and great music!

Last night performances by (from what I can remember): Talakita ( and Deborah (

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Restaurant review


The food was amazing! I have never had better cooked fish. Their lamb chops were also fantastic with the mint sauce that accompanied them. NOM NOM NOM! Also their homemade peanut sauce that came with the summer rolls was very good. Their flavours were strong and the selection was great. I really love how they made a menu that features items from a few Asian countries; instead of a “Thai”, “Chinese”, or “Indian” restaurant only. If you ever visit, please order their dessert: Banana fritters, they are the most amazing deep fried banana I have ever had!

The selection of Asian beers was vast and there were beers I have never heard of. Jenn and I picked San Migel and I really liked it. It was a lager and quite light but the flavour was great!

The dishes and “look” of the entire restaurant was stunning. Even the orange chop sticks. The only thing about their ambiance that I didn’t like was the noise. The restaurant is situated on the corner of the building and thus the windows that surround the restaurant do not absorb any sound and it feels very loud.

The service was great! We had a quite a nervous waiter, but he was funny that way. There was another female server that seemed to know her food. There was also the host; he seemed very knowledgeable as well. All in all the service was top notch.

The bathroom was awesome!

Great place! I would definitely recommend it if you are willing to pay for good food. I don’t mind that it was a little out of my price range because I know that if you want the best food, you are going to pay higher prices. And it was some of the best food I have ever had.

4.5 out of 5 overall!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Painting and Rock Climbing


This weekend I did two things that were really fun! I painted and I rock climbed. To check out photos of the painting results check out our blog for painting:

Then to check out some photos of the climbing (I took the photos, so I am not in them):

I had a lot of fun doing both and would really like to practice both of them more often. The painting group, "We Can't Paint" will help out a lot with getting more practice in. Also now that Jenn and I purchased some supplies to start with, that will help me get some practice time in during my unemployment days!

Rock climbing will be a harder one to keep up with. It is about 20 dollars to go without equipment. The equipment is about $200 all together, so I might have a MEC trip in my future as well.

All in all, everyone should try something new! It is fun and you never know what new hobbies you could discover!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cuba 2009

Once finals were over and the excitement of Christmas died down, Jenn and I headed on a relaxing vacation to Cuba.

Cuba was a lot of fun! Except for the part about attempting to leave our resort. They try to do everything possible so you cannot leave the resort unless it is with one of their tours. If you ever go to Cuba, I say rent a car from the airport and drive to where you want to go. The island is about 5 hours across so it is not hard to get from one place to another. Everyone there loves tourists! Be careful with your money and don’t flash it around as if you got lots because people will try to get it from you. Other than that, I never really felt unsafe there. I would love to go back and really experience Cuba for its people. The people are the best part of Cuba. They are so loving of each other and their country. There were Cuban flags hanging from windows and they are very proud of their products. They make good rum and cigars. Tip: Everything that starts with a “C” is good in Cuba. The food was probably the worst part of the whole trip. I think Jenn was quite sick from the food, she felt nauseated for about 4 days of the trip. The weather was nice and the people were friendly. It was a lot of fun and I would love to go back, but do it on my own terms!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Long time, no post!


I know it has been awhile! I have decided to make this into an experience blog. So things like events or trips I will blog about. Once I finish writing, I will tell you all about my trip to Cuba, Tofino and the OLYMPICS! So don't worry! Interesting things are headed your way!

Best wishes,