Sunday, September 25, 2011

Oh Singapore

After leaving Singapore, flying over top of the tiny island, I had some time to think and reflect on my time there. 

The things that I will miss most about Singapore:

Infocus Asia: 
Going Away Party with my peeps!
 Infocus was an amazing place to work and spend my days.  Great people and the job was fun too.  SHOUT OUT to all the awesome people at Infocus Asia!  Cheack out the awesome site and FB page

Chewy Juniors
 CHEWY JUNIORS!  These things are fantastic!  They are chewy on the outside and the cream in the middle is delightful!  I hope one day these tasty little treats will end up in Vancouver!
Chicken Rice
I really enjoyed the national dish of Singapore: Chicken Rice.  As simple as it is, I was impressed.  There are three key elements: the chicken, the sauce, and the rice.  The chicken needs to be moist with not too much fat on it.  The sauce: Jenn and I preferred it to be most salty than sweet with a some heat behind it.  The rice needs to be soft but not over cooked and full of flavour.  The flavour is made from the broth the rice is boiled in. 

But the thing that I will miss most of all is the merlion.  It's elegance and beauty is memerizing.  I must say that if every city were to add a merlion to it, it would be a better and safer place!  LONG LIVE MERLION!

Thank you Singapore you will be missed!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Last week Jenn and I moved out of the condo and now we are living with my aunt and uncle for our last few days in Singaore.  

It was a very stressful week, trying to get everything ready to move out.  I had a BBQ the night before our last day and Jenn was not too pleased about that.  

Getting rid of our unwanted stuff was the hardest part.  We gave a majority of it away and just leaving some in the apartment when we left.  We still have router that we don't want.... do you know anyone who wants it?  When it works it provides 3 wireless connections. 

Now I just want to recall some fond memories from the place we called home for a year:

Our light in the living room.  For some reason whenever we replaced the light bulbs, the light bulbs would burn out after a few days.  We spent a good amount of money on lightbulbs for this one light... and there are 5 lights on it!!!
The view from our sliding door window.  That is the tennis court on the right and on the left is the school where screaming children would wake us up in the morning. 

The lawn that Jenn murdered.  After this she got it replaced with a new lawn.  It looked much better than this one.

I found these little shells while I was cleaning one day.  I believe they are little gecko eggs!!!  We did have one or two really small geckos running around the apartment while we were there.  Maybe these are the eggs they came from!

The stove top after I spilt peppercorns all over it.  The lid on the peppercorn grinder was broken.... I thought I could get the better of it... but clearly it got the better of me.  

This is how we spent most of our weekends here in Singapore.  Jenn always had school work to do, and I needed to entertain myself somehow. 
The condo was nice because it had a pool.  And being on the first floor had it perks (not needing the elevator when you are moving). 

So next week (only 6 days, actually) we are off on our three month adventure!