Monday, January 10, 2011

Kuala Lumpur: Teen’s First Solo Adventure

Monkey on the stairs at Batu Caves
This trip was my first ever trip by myself and I get to see how I travel... well... how I travel.  After traveling with various individuals: family and friends, I have come to realize that I am a great travel companion because I am easy going and want to do everything.  I am not a picky eater, I am athletic and believe I am capable of anything and I enjoy trying new things and experiences.  I will probably never argue with whoever I happen to be travelling with (because of the easy going part).  I may not choose the right battles, but otherwise I am an all around good travel buddy.  However, because of all these wonderful qualities about me I do not have any idea about how I travel.  So, this adventure is to find out what I do when I do not have anyone around while traveling.

View of the Entrance to Batu Caves
I went to the Batu Caves, Twin Towers, KL Tower, F1 Formula Drift (only as an outside spectator), Central Market, a zoo, an Aquarium and a nine story mall.  I obviously did some things in-between, but those were the highlights.  

HDR shot of the Twin Towers
After rehashing the six days in my head, I am very much a quiet person when I do not have anyone traveling with me.  I keep to myself and move around at pretty casual pace.  I was never in a hurry nor was I ever rushing anywhere.  Only to get a ticket for the Twin Towers, but even then I was pretty easy going in that 3-hour long line to get tickets.  I got the last “package 2” ticket which included both the sky bridge and observation deck (“package 1” only had the sky bridge). 

Fish tank at the Aquarium
The things that I really enjoyed were obviously the highlights.  Well, not so much the Formula Drift thing, but temples, buildings and animal-related activities I really enjoyed.  I love being on top of buildings and looking down at the city below.  Also being able to see how far the city goes is really cool.  It reminds me of when my Dad, grandparents and I went to China and we went to a few places where you could see the city go on for miles.

Albino Turtle at the zoo
The Batu Caves included some Hindu Temples.  They were beautiful.  I really like seeing the temples, how different people worship their different gods is always interesting.  I always feel bad taking photos or videos in those places because I don’t want to be disrespectful. 

KL Tower
The animal related activities: the little zoo and the aquarium were awesome!  The zoo was not big nor did I think all the animals were treated well, but a majority of the animals seemed content enough.  The aquarium was huge and amazing!  There were feeding times (all the time) and it was the first time I have ever been in one of those tunnels that goes through the tank.  It was amazing. 

Python at the zoo
This experience really showed me the things that I like to when I am in an Asian city.  I think the things that I like doing would change depending on where I am like when I am in Whistler I love to snowboard, but it’s not like I can snowboard in Kuala Lumpur.  I do recommend that everyone should travel alone at some point in time.  It will be an experience that shows you what you truly enjoy doing, when you have time to enjoy it.  I wonder if I will get to travel again, solo. 

Sky bridge between the Twin Towers

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