Welcome to my page about the different beers I have sampled on my travels! One of my bucket list items is to try local beers when I am traveling.  I took advantage of trying various kinds of beer while I was traveling through Asia. 

Snow - was one a nice smooth lager with not too much bitter flavour.  Consumed in Ligiang, China.

Dali Beer - Was a light lager.  Very cheap.  Consumed in Dali, China

King Fisher - strong lager, more bitter and a darker beer.  Consumed in India.

Beer Lao - light lager with a similar taste to Tiger Beer.  Consumed in Laos.
Myanmar Beer - lighter lager with quite a strong bitter flavour.  Consumed in Yangon, Myanmar.

Mandalay Beer - lager with less bitter flavour.  Consumed in Mandalay, Myanmar.

Everest - Nepali beer, reminded me of Tiger Beer.  Consumed in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Gorkha Beer - light lager beer with a bitter flavour.  Consumed in Kathmandu, Nepal

Asahi - light lager.  This beer is from Japan.  I have had it in Vancouver before, but my first experience with these little cans was in Singapore. 

Tiger Beer - I have had this beer so many times, I will not soon forget its flavour.  Light lager with a bitter aftertaste.  And for some reason, it doesn't taste half bad when it is warm... but it is not the best beer.  Consumed in Singapore, Thailand... in fact: ALL of South East Asia.

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