Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jenn Taylor VS Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper VS. Jenn Taylor: Battle of OCD-ites!
Recently I have been spending my evenings re-watching the very geeky and nerdy television show: The Big Bang Theory.  As many of you may know, it is about geniuses who are forced to face the normal world when a girl from Nebraska moves in across the hall.  I have recently discovered how much my girlfriend relates to one of the show's iconic characters: Sheldon Cooper.

This post will be a dedication to both of them.  I respect both of them, in their own ways and I am very excited to pay tribute to them.  Now, let's commence:

I will first state the characteristics that Sheldon Cooper has and then I will relate them Jenn. 

Sheldon Cooper:
  • OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • Hypochondriac
  • Mysophobia
  • Stage Fright
  • Obsession with nerdy things
  • Asks annoying questions
  • Child-like quality (ability to be controlled by mother)
  • Neat Freak

Jenn in Bangkok, Thailand
Jenn Taylor:
  • OCD 
Everyone who knows Jenn, knows she has OCD, just like Sheldon.  I still love her for it!
  • Hypochondriac
Jenn is deathly scared of catching a lot of diseases, especially herpes.  Whereas Sheldon is scared of catching any sort of germ.   Either way, they both are Hypochondriacs.
  •  Mysophobia
This is the fear of other people touching your food.  Jenn suffers from this sometimes, but more so when people who have herpes are near her food.  Whereas Sheldon is scared of anyone with or without aliments.
  • Obsession with nerdy things
Jenn's obsession lies more with Joss Whedon and everything to do with Joss Whedon.  Sheldon has obsessions over every nerdy thing that exists, especially Spock.  He loves Spock.  Even though Sheldon does have an appriciation for Joss Whedon (he was angry when Fox canceled FireFly), Jenn and Sheldon both shared the commonality that they both have obsessions with nerdy things.
  •   Asks annoying questions
Sheldon asks everyone annoying questions when it comes to his food preparations.  Whereas Jenn asks ME annoying questions when it comes to "aliments" on her body, sometimes food preparation and if anyone, thing or whatever has touched something that she could put her mouth on.  So, the only difference is that Sheldon doesn't ask ME annoying questions, but Jenn does. 
  • Child-like quality
Sheldon can be easily controlled by his mother.  Jenn talks "baby talk", but it's so cute!  Both child-like qualities, just a little different. 
  • Neat Freak
Jenn and Sheldon are both neat freaks.  Sheldon is a little bit more, because everything has to have a LABEL and it's place.  Jenn only needs things to have a place, even if it's a place that she will forget about later.

There you have it folks.  Many reasons why Jenn and Sheldon are similar!  I hope you enjoyed reading this tribute to both of them as much as I loved writing it!


  1. Awesome.

    though Sheldon wouldn't say the prequels are better than the Original Trilogy....

    Sheldon wins.

  2. I just noticed in that top pic that Jenn appears to be Papering his Rock... so Maybe Jenn wins.

  3. I totes win. Sheldon went so far as to create a virtual presence to protect himself from, well, everything. That's a little further than I'd go...

    I don't have that technology.

    1. But if you did, ... would you ?

      From just some random bloke on the internet. There are one or two of us I've been told!