Thursday, September 23, 2010

Desperate: need to figure out what this song is!

Hello Loyal Followers!

This is a cry for help! Jenn and I have been watching the Nat Geo Adventure channel a lot recently. They make their own commercial promoting the shows that they play. Of course, they play mine and Jenn's favourite, Departures. There is a commercial with a beautiful song as the music. We cannot for the life us find this song, or event the commercial online. If you can find the song, that would be awesome!

Here are the lyrics:
"today we walked, in melting snow"
"stayed (hid) inside making fire and tea"
"when I met you, I was wondering (wandering)"
"(have) you seen many worlds since then"

() means it could be that word instead


  1. Did you find out what the song is? I am also desperate to know.

  2. I found your blog because I just googled those exact words! I absoutley love Nat Geo Adventure and in particular Departures... the scenes are always breath-taking! if u figure it out please let me know too! x

  3. We walk on melting snow, inside making fire and tea, I met you while I was wondering, we've seen many worlds since then

    these are the lyrics.

    any answers?

    its a earworm which wont go away

  4. hi! i find it!
    it is "secrets" from alexa Woodward.
    :) it is a so cool song

  5. OMG! I didn't notice all these comments till just now but thank you so much Sophia Caleron! Please check out Alex Woodward @

    Best wishes! Thanks for reading!

  6. At last! Thanks Sophia and Teeners!

  7. was searching for this song, finally got it
    Thanks to you guys ^^

    love from Pakistan~