Monday, October 24, 2011

On the Road


Sorry for the no posts during a very exciting time! 

I have now left Singapore and on my way home, the long way around. 

The first place we stopped at was Myanmar.  Noted for it's issues with the government was an amazing place that should not be missed!  When everything blows over with their issues, this is going to be the new "untouched" tourist spot.  Go there before this happens!  It is an amazing place!  At our first stop, Inle Lake for almost a whole day, Jenn and I were the only guests in a giant 50 room resort.  We then went to Madalay, and Bagan.  We flew in and out of Yangon (Rangoon), but didn't stay there too long.  

After Myanmar we went to Bangkok to get connected with real lifeagain .  In Myanmar, it is very hard to get online, buy dental floss, buy sunscreen and a few other things.  So we stop over in Bangkok for a few days to take a breather.  And also to get Jenn's Chinese Visa!

After Bangkok, LAOS!  Lurang Prabang is the most tranquil, peaceful place I have visited yet.  I love it there.  Good food, great people and the surrounding mountains were a sight for sore eyes.  Living in Singapore, the highest thing to see is Marina Bay Sands.  I miss the mountains and it was a nice refresher. 

Then on to Ha Noi, Vietnam.  We went from Ha Noi to the mesmerising Ha Long Bay.  We went on a boat that our friends recommended and it was a great time!  It reained a few days we were there, but in the end the sun came out to play! 

The had been a typhoon hitting the south east Asia area and so we made a quick desicion to go to India.  We didn't want to spend time in the rain, since we are going back to back to Vancouver at the height of the rainy season. 

We landed in Delhi and made plans quickly to go around the northern areas: Pushkar, Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi, and Darjeeling.  I am sitting in a cafe in Darjeeling at the moment.  I love it here.  The city (yes, city) is situated on the side of a mountain.  The streets weave up and down the side of the slopes while the buildings hug the side of the mountain for dear life.  This place is the first place that has seemed to really feel different from the rest of India.  And I am getting my good fair share of mountains here..... HIMALAYAS!!!!

If you want to see pictures please feel free to check out:

Thanks so much for reading!