Saturday, March 28, 2009


So right now I am working on my term project that is about the conservation status of sloths. Sloths are awesome! They are insanely cute when they are young, and very funny creatures. They are known for their lack of actual movement and their long sleep habits. They are from the amazonian rainforest. Only one of the species is classified as endangered, the maned sloth (three toes). How many toes does the one in the picture have?
One "sloth" is the sloth bear. But that is not a true sloth. It is actually a bear with sloth-like nails so that is how they got their name.
I wanted to do sloths for my assignment because there is little research on them and I was trying to get away from the "hot topics" in conservation biology.
I hope you enjoyed my little tid-bit on sloths! Have a wonderful day!

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