Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Secret Admirer

I have a secret admirer.

I will start from the top. A few days ago, I came home after purchasing a graphic novel from the local comic book store. When I was entering our building, there was a nice young man buzzing to get in. I just waved my phob and we were through the door and up the stairs. He noticed the shopping bag I was carrying and that I had purchased something from the local comic book store, so he inquired. I had bought "Lost at Sea" by Bryan Lee O'Malley (the writer/artist of the Scott Pilgrim series). We talked about the new Scott Pilgrim movie coming out while walking up the stairs. He was going to apartment 402 and I was headed around the corner to my apartment. We said good-bye and that was that.

Then the following day, there was a note sitting near the fire extinguisher in the hall. It said:

"My friend likes the cute attractive comic book girl, please contact 402" (but the "cute" was crossed out)

I was flabbergasted! I couldn't believe it! I thought that that was adorable. For you straight girls who like comic book geeks, he is pretty good-looking and very nice.

The following day I left a note saying:

"To friend of 402, this cute comic book girl likes other cute comic girls"

Jenn and I had a good laugh about the whole situation. And, sorry I forgot to take a photo of the note! But this story is still pretty cute and funny!

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