Monday, January 31, 2011

OMG... Seth Rogen!

That's right!  Canadian born, Seth Rogen was here in Singapore.  I couldn't believe someone from where I come from, came all the way to Singapore, just like me! 

Seth Rogen was here in Singapore to promote his new movie: The Green Hornet. 

Movie Poster
 The girls and I made a day of the whole outing.  First we went to Chinatown because someone wanted to try and find something there.  I don't remember anyone buying anything from that day, but it was a great day, weather-wise.  And what the weather has been like the last two days (pouring rain, some areas of the island flooded), it has been missed.

Sunshine in Chinatown
 We visited some shops to try and find some souvenirs for family and friends back home.  We also stopped by a really cool, and small coffee shop called Shots.  It had great coffee and they also sold items that revolved around photography, to play on the word "shots". 

Blue sky!
 We had a new friend joining us on our random expedition: Alex, Janette's good friend from Australia!

Alex on the left, Janette under the arm, and Alaine on the right.
 When we got to the Bugis Mall where Seth Rogen was going to be:  It was packed and I was pretty far from the stage.  But when they came out on stage, I still got those silly "OMG there is a movie star not too far away from me" goose bumps. The MC kept talking and wasn't really handing the mic over to Seth Rogen or Jay Chou.  We only hung round for a few minutes before heading off to go see another side of town: Arab Street!

Best photo!  The reflection off of someone's phone!

Arab Street
 On Arab street, there are a lot of little boutique-ie shops with nick-nacks from brand names that aren't huge.  And there's even items from local artists.  If you like places like that, head down to Arab street.  There are so many shops, but be warned!  They don't open until 2pm.

Grafitti on Arab Street
 After shopping for awhile, we stopped at a place for a rest and some drinks.  I totally forget the name of it, but it was a really cool place.  On the first floor they play live jazz music on the weekends and on the second and third floors it is house music!  There were also hookas lying around if you felt the need for some flavoured tobacco.  We got a nice quiet table outside and enjoyed some wine and beer. 

I was super excited that we saw Seth Rogen!
For dinner, we met up with our boys and went for a great Indian dinner in Little India.

This was definitely one of the best Mondays in Singapore!

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