Monday, January 23, 2012

Getting Itchy!


So I have been home for about six weeks now and I already have that feeling of the travel bug getting itchy again.  I really want to do SOMETHING that involves exploring a new place!  Just for a weekend even. I want use my passport again, apply for a visa and cross a border!

One of the few reasons why Singapore was awesome is that it was so easy to go somewhere for the weekend because I could be in another country in half an hour if I wanted to AND the flights were super cheap.

Here in VANCOUVER, which is not a North American airport hub, it is VERY expensive to fly ANYWHERE.  I mentioned the "hub" part because it means there are less flights in and out of here.  When I compare flights to the USA from here to leaving from Seattle, the prices are cut in half!  Also, Vancouver is kinda far from the East Coast of the country.  So getting over there is expensive and the flight is about 5 hours.

I should probably look closer to home into places I could go exploring, like the Gulf Islands, interior BC, Northern Washington and..... Northern BC?  Maybe I should even closer, like around the Lower Mainland.  There are so many places and things to do all over this place, why do I still feel like I need to leave?  Gah!  

What to do, where to go....... PS I lost these shorts because I forgot them at a Vietnam tailor shop... Damn!... I miss traveling!

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