Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Need a new Hair Cut

Current Hair: Mop on my head
 Gah!  This happens every month!  As soon as my hair grows like a centimeter, I have giant freak out and feel the desperate need to cut my hair.   I love having short hair, but I want to have the medium length hair too!  I don't think I can go back to having long hair again:

This is the shortest my long hair has been.  It use to be down to my mid-back area!

Yeah.... I don't want to have long hair again. It was too much work.  But I am considering growing it to something similar to this cartoon:

Ramona Flowers: A true role model for young girls.

Which is kinda long... I guess.  I don't know!!!! Or I can always go back to my tried, tested and true: FAUHAWK!
Mmmm short hair!  So easy to take care of!


  1. keep it short... the shag only looks cool under hats, hoods, toques, or anything else that basically only shows the flow.... otherwise you end up with helmut head. (i'm at helmut head, the awkward stage between short and ponytail)