Saturday, May 29, 2010

Open Mic Night

I was at the Wired Monk on 4th near Macdonald, last night and it was open mic night. I had a blast! My friend Debbie came out with me, well she actually invited me out. It was great. Just peeps with their guitars, cellos and bass!... and there was a flute! Also, acoustic everything! It was so chill! I would love to go there with my laptop, book, sketch book and just chill out listening to some good tunes and be semi productive (with my laptop)! It was great! I definitely recemmond this sort of thing if you are looking to not spend too much money and still have a good time out of the house (coffee at Wired Monk is quite expensive though, but their london fog is delicious).

If you ever want to check it out: Thursday nights at the Wired Monk. Starts at about 730-8. And goes till about 11 because of the noise complaints. It also sounded like they have performances on Friday nights as well!

It's a great time and great music!

Last night performances by (from what I can remember): Talakita ( and Deborah (

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