Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Restaurant review


The food was amazing! I have never had better cooked fish. Their lamb chops were also fantastic with the mint sauce that accompanied them. NOM NOM NOM! Also their homemade peanut sauce that came with the summer rolls was very good. Their flavours were strong and the selection was great. I really love how they made a menu that features items from a few Asian countries; instead of a “Thai”, “Chinese”, or “Indian” restaurant only. If you ever visit, please order their dessert: Banana fritters, they are the most amazing deep fried banana I have ever had!

The selection of Asian beers was vast and there were beers I have never heard of. Jenn and I picked San Migel and I really liked it. It was a lager and quite light but the flavour was great!

The dishes and “look” of the entire restaurant was stunning. Even the orange chop sticks. The only thing about their ambiance that I didn’t like was the noise. The restaurant is situated on the corner of the building and thus the windows that surround the restaurant do not absorb any sound and it feels very loud.

The service was great! We had a quite a nervous waiter, but he was funny that way. There was another female server that seemed to know her food. There was also the host; he seemed very knowledgeable as well. All in all the service was top notch.

The bathroom was awesome!

Great place! I would definitely recommend it if you are willing to pay for good food. I don’t mind that it was a little out of my price range because I know that if you want the best food, you are going to pay higher prices. And it was some of the best food I have ever had.

4.5 out of 5 overall!


  1. San Miguel beer is from the Philippines. They drink it like water there. My grandma loves the stuff, we had trouble finding it here when she visited.