Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Art Gallery!

The Cow that greeted us when we entered the Art Gallery
Last week the girls and I went to the ART GALLERY!  Janette was definitely the encouragement for this outing.  There was a Japanese artist who Janette really likes and so we went during their free hours on Friday. 

Paint: dripping
The art gallery was in this old building and the rooms were full of art from different artists.  The building reminded me of a castle without the bricks.  It’s layout was around a courtyard in the middle. The rooms were confusing and there was no continuity to the building layout.  

Janette in a pink doorway

The art was fantastic!  It was fun to feel cultural for an afternoon. 

Emma admiring the artwork
 After the art gallery we met up with the boys for some Friday night drinks and food!  We down to Clarke Quay.  When we arrived, it was still happy hour at some places so we stopped for some drinks.  They boys met us at The Clinic.  The Clinic is a bar that serves shots in IV bags and in syringes.  We just got some beer.  We walked around Clarke Quay and then headed home.  It was a fun Friday night! 

The girls!  At the Clinic

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