Sunday, May 22, 2011

Singapore: Life Recently

Well it's been a long time since I have written about is going on in my life.

Not so recently, the first weekend of April, Jenn and I went to Hong Kong.  We met up with my parents and had a wonderful time with them and in Hong Kong.  I love the food in Hong Kong, it's so delicious and reminds me of all the Chinese food in Vancouver.  Jenn and I saw Victoria Peak, Star Ferry, fishing market, Pixar Exhibit and ate some wonderful roasted goose.  Which I have never had before.

Jenn and I on the ferry to the fishing village, Hong Kong
A few weeks back, Jenn and a few of our friends took the bus to Malacca, Malaysia.  None of us had been there before and I think a few of us had thought that we wouldn't have the time to see it. Malacca is this cute little tourist town with small streets, lots of traffic and delicious Malaysian food.  We were only there 3 days but you don't need more than that to see this quaint little place.  We stayed in the Holiday Inn and it was the nicest hotel I have stayed in since I was little.  We just walked around and had a real relaxing go of the place.  It was really nice to just relax and get away from Singapore. 

Me leaning on a brick wall in a shop house, Malacca
Walking on the bank of the river, Malacca
Last week, on Tuesday was Vesak Day which is a public holiday in Singapore.  Jenn and I decided to not sit around in the apartment and go for a little adventure.  Headed off to the Live Turtle Museum.  This museum is the largest collection of live turtles in the world.  They have the Guiness World record to prove it.  It was a small place and all the turtles looked pretty happy.  It wasn't expensive and this museum is situated in a wonderful park: the Chinese Garden.

Me holding a turtle: Pig Nosed Turtle, Singapore
Jenn feeding the turtles in the pond, Singapore
Then after the park and turtles, I met up with Brett for a night shoot of the downtown bay and river area.  I had a lot of fun taking photos.   

The Singapore Flyer, Singapore
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
And today I took this picture:

Me and me working away, Singapore
Recently my life in Singapore has been pretty normal.  Working five days a week and trying to have some fun and relaxation on the weekend.  The next few months there are no public holidays so hopefully Jenn and I will be able to get some time off to get away from the concrete jungle.  We are hoping of going to either Cambodia or Burma in the near future. 

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