Monday, May 9, 2011

Recent Obsessions: Comics/Super Heros

This is not a recent obsession, this is just one that I just realized I should post.

Batman From the 90's Cartoons
I have been in love with comics, graphic novels and super heroes since I can remember.  I use to watch all of the old 90's cartoons with Batman, Spider-man, Superman, etc.  My love of super heroes even spread to the far reaches of nerdiness to include the Power Rangers.  The first Power Rangers, like before the White One came in.  That was when it was still awesome.

Superman from the 90's cartoons

When I was young my Brother and I even "ran away" from home to go to the comic book store that was at least a twenty minute walk from our house.

My favourites:

Graphic Novel: Watchmen - Alan Moore

Series: Scott Pilgrim - Bryan Lee O'Malley

Super Hero: Spider-man

Villain: The Joker

If I was a super hero what would I want my power to be?
To be able to speak any language at any given moment.

Also, to demonstrate how much I love all this stuff:  On Saturday May 7, it is the global event: Free Comic Book Day.  It was the first time this big bookstore was participating so I headed over there was the second person in line to get my free comic books.  It was fun and they had discounted comics as well, so I bought Brian Azzarello's JOKER.  I hope to be in the states one time for this event, maybe in LA or something where all the big comic book events are, like Comic Con.

I hope you enjoyed this segment of Recent (but not really) Obsessions!

Best wishes!

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  1. Hi Teen!

    Miss you and your Blog updates... though less now on blog updates cuz you updated.


    When you get home, and we go through our storage to dig out you and Taylor's stuff, I'm gonna hook you up with some 90's gems... cuz my comic book box's are all up in there, and I got some wicked shit that will blow your mind.


    Also, I'm not about comics like I was in the 90's, so you will be able to read them without wearing gloves and turning pages with tweezers.