Monday, August 15, 2011

The Big 25!

The big 2-5! Quarter century and what not! A few weeks ago I celebrated one my most memorable birthdays: Twenty Five Years Old.
Me, in front of Shrek's toilet
I was having some troubles on what I was going to actually do for my birthday, all the way up until the day before. And because I didn’t want to let myself down and be boring, I decided (with some convincing from James and Vic) to go to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE!
James, Vic and Jenn in front of Shrek's house
We awoke early in the morn to arrive at the park at a decent time (before the afternoon started). We got this awesome package where you get four adult tickets and 50 bucks to spend inside the park, on anything! We used the vouchers for our lunch at the 50's diner and had real American burgers... with pork floss in them.
Promoting Peace at the Water World show
It was awesome to ride some big roller coasters, rapid rides, and queue in lines. The lines weren’t bad at all, I was happily surprised. I ran around the park like a little kid jumping up and down while Jenn, James and Vic all tried to pretend not to know me.
I planked a barrel.  I heard that's what all the cool kids are doing these days.
My favourite ride was the Cylon of Battlestar Galatica dueling roller coasters. I didn’t even go on the other one (the boring humans' one) because it didn’t go upside down. I went on the Cylon twice! We also went on the Mummy roller coaster a couple times because we all liked it so much. The first time we went on it, a mummy popped up out of the ground and I screamed! Jenn laughed at me because of it and hasn’t stopped laughing since.
Scared of a little T-Rex
The Jurassic Park ride was awesome! It got us all SOAKING wet and there was a hilarious picture of James and I, where we were totally scared of the T-Rex that pops out. We didn’t get the picture because it was twenty dollars. SO MUCH FUN!
The gang, at the gates to Jurrasic Park
The park made me feel like a little kid. Running around and suffering from over stimulus to awesome things. So that whole, one year older and a year wiser stuff... didn’t happen for me this year. I put it off for my day of being like a kid again.

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