Sunday, August 7, 2011

Recent Obsessions: Tina Fey

Welcome to another 'mazing segment of Recent Obsessions. This we will feature the comedic stylings of Tina Fey.

While in Cambodia, Jenn and I stumbled upon 30 Rock. The hit NBC series: created, produced, writer and stars in by Tina Fey herself. She plays the lovable and adorable main character Liz Lemon, head writer of the sketch TV show called TGS. We thought the one episode we watched was hilarious! The second we arrived back in Singapore, I obtained all 5 seasons and we have been watching them (a few episodes a day) ever since.

Recently I also obtained Tina Fey's audio book, BossyPants and proceed to listen to it in its entirety in less than a few days. She is the reader for the book and it was a fantastic listen!

In her Audio Book, she talks about her normal life, discovery of who she is and wanted to be; was an empowering (and very embarrassing for her) journey.

After watching and listening to all of things Tina Fey has created recently, I have come to respect and admire her for her courage and bravery. She has sprouted from the depths of awkward nerdieness into a talented and hilarious joy to watch on TV. She has done all of this while staying true to who she is and what she believes in. You are awesome Tina Fey and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

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