Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Guu (On Thurlow and Smithe)

On Friday night, Jenn and I met up at Guu on Thurlow near Smithe. It was delicious! We started with fresh oysters with ponzu, spicy dikon and green onions (we got the oysters twice). We also got beef sashimi, bbq pork cheeks, sushi roll (it wasn’t very good), mussels in garlic and saki sauce, tuna steak, and we got one the specials: deep fried brie with mango and raspberry sauce. The brie was unforgettable! All in all the food is fantastic!

The service is great! All of the servers and chefs are yelling Japanese (I think) to each other, whether its the orders or jokes, they were laughing and that made me happy.

I think the owner or manager was celebrating their birthday because on the special menu it said happy birthday on it. They said happy birthday to this guy I was sitting next to and he bought the kitchen staff beer. That was cool.
The seats we had were right at the kitchen and we were watching all the food go out of the kitchen and all of it looked so good!

Great place for a date and to challenge each other to try new things!

4.5 out of 5!

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