Monday, August 16, 2010

Actual Singapore Updates!

Hey there guys and gals!

Now I have time for my actual Singapore updates!

If you want to read Jenn's version of the flight and first getting here, check out her blog at:

And I shall continue from where Jenn left off!

We met up with Rob and Janette for lunch and went to an underground mall. There are supposed to be lots of underground malls around and it feels like the entire city is connected via this underground mall (not really, but pretty damn close)! We ate some yummy Taiwan food at a fast (ish) food place. Jenn enjoyed a Singaporean classic of chicken and rice. But it was honey chicken and rice. I enjoyed a fancy pork and mushroom soup. NOM NOM NOM NOM!

Then the four of us headed to the new and modern SKY PARK! It is built on top of a 56 story hotel/casino. There was a POOL up there! An INITITY pool!!! It looked awesome (and expansive). But it was still cool to see Singapore from above! Took some photos too! (To be posted soon)

Then we walked around this expensive looking mall for awhile. Then when I convinced Jenn that we should take up Rob and Janette's invitation for dinner, we headed over to.... well I don't exactly know where this is place is but we went for LAKSA! Laksa is coconut soup! It was delicious and we didn't even go to the "most famous" one! I think that if there was a Laksa dedicated restaurant in Vancouver, it would be very popular! But it must be cheap food, drinks and atmosphere! None of this fancy-smacy, hoidie-toidie crap. But now that I said that, if any of you smucks make a restaurant like how I just said, I demand royalties!

Then today Jenn had her first day of work. I took her to work on the hour and a half MRT ride. We are in Chinatown and where she works is on the East side of the island and it is an epic MRT ride.

After she went up to work, I went across the street to enjoy some coffee at the market that was there. The coffee beans here (what I am about to tell is information I read off the back of menu) are coated with sugar prior to roasting and it adds a very distinct flavour. Very sweet and woody flavour. I like it :)

Then went to a market near our place to get Jenn some vegetables and some other things, but the market was closed. So I enjoyed some dumplings in soup and read during the afternoon.

More to come!

I am going to go join the Olympic fever (once again) as I am going to watch sailing tomorrow and track and field on Wednesday!

Then on Thursday I am off to Vietnam/Cambodia to meet up with Chels and Alex (who I have not seen for almost a year)!!!!

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