Wednesday, August 18, 2010

YOG - Youth Olympic Games

The last two days I have enjoy some of the events happening around town/island because it is the first ever Youth Olympic Games. I had no idea about them, until two weeks before arriving in Singapore, when a friend of mine told me about them.

Yesterday I watched the free sailing and windsurfing competition. Sailing had two races that day and it was for qualifying for the finals the next day (today). I think it was the same for the wind surfing.

I was sitting next to the family of the Canadian female sailor. She was the only Canadian sailing in this games, there was no boy Canadian sailor. There was also only a Canadian female for the windsurfing as well. I thought that with Squamish and Jerico on our doorsteps there would have at least one boy representing!

Today I saw the track and field events. I bought a ticket the other day (ticket prices range from S$10 to S$30), picked it up yesterday and was at the event nice and early at 8:30am.

When it all got underway, you would be watching about seven competitions at once: Boys Javeline, Girls Shotput, Girls High jump, Boys/Girls 1000m, Boys/Girls Steeple Chase, Boys/Girls 100m, and Boys Long jump (which did not finish due to excessive rain). That was pretty much the order in which I watched them. It took about 3 hours for them to get all through that!

The crowd was full of school kids! They were so loud! They were screaming and stomping around. They also came in waves, I think because they could only sit for so long. It was nice for me when some of them left because it got a little quieter and their was less stomping (to disturb my photo taking). But I think it was more fun for the athletes that way.

It has been really fun watching the Olympics again. It reminds me of home when the Vancouver 2010 Olympics were on. I love the Olympics and I love living in the same city as the Olympics twice in one year! I think only a few a people can say that! Seeing all of the flags (mostly Singaporean) hanging off baloncy's and windows is always a cool sight to see!

All of these images you are veiwing were edited by your's truely. I am learning how to use photo shop and this is a first time effort. Enjoy and look forward for many more to come!

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