Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hello from Hoi An, Vietnam!

I have been h-core traveling with Chels and Alex for 6 days now. We have showered over the northern part of Vietnam. I landed in Ha Noi then we headed to Ha Long Bay. Came back to Ha Noi and then up further north into the mountains of Sapa. Then we took two trains (21 hours of train) and bus(4 hours) to get to Hoi An. We just got in last night and tonight we will be heading to Nha Trang. After that, we will go to Mui Ne (I think, plans change hourly) then down to Ho Chi Min City. Then up to Bangkok, Thailand for a couple days and then back to Singapore for me. Chels and Alex will be heading to London, England the same day I leave for Singapore.

So far this has been an amazing experience. Yesterday I had my first realization about how good I can make this year. Which I intend to do. I was a little sad before but I think that this trip with two best friends has re-vamped my drive to really explore the world.

Details soon.

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