Saturday, March 12, 2011

Recent obsessions: Monster Factory

Hello Boys and Girls!  It is time for another wonderful segement of RECENT OBSESSIONS! 

This time on RECENT OBSESSIONS we will be featuring Monster Factory!

Monster Factory is a wonderful place where monsters are made!  I love those little monsters!

The reason that these guys have become a recent obsession however, was their Buddy Contest.  This contest was participants send in their address' and then there was going to be a bunch of people around the world selected to house Buddy for a week or two.  Jenn and I both entered, she of course won.  

Buddy!  He likes to travel!
Losing didn't bring me down!  I am so excited to have Buddy with us soon!  Jenn is seventh on the list of people who Buddy will be staying with.  He is going to be well traveled once he reaches Singapore. 

After entering the Buddy Contest I continued to visit the Monster Facotry website almost daily and everytime I found something new.  Like for instance, one of the Colin monsters is featured wearing a hoodie by the Clothing Experiment Brand and when I went to that their website, who was modeling some of their sweatshirts?  Well I think it was Andrew from Songs to Wear Pants to!  

There are also cool videos and awesome monsters to see at the amazing Monster Factory!

I love those guys!  Thanks for being a RECENT OBSESSION!!!!!

Colin!  He wears a hoodie!

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  1. I have a Colin with a CBE hoodie and a matching hoodie for me!