Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Recent obsessions: Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook

Time Magazine - Person of the Year 2010 - Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg, as we all know is the creator of Facebook.  Facebook is that wonderful website that we all visit at least twenty times a day.  Who isn't addicted?

Facebook has changed how interact with each other and how we interact on the internet.  I believe that Facebook has changed the world.  The creator, Mark Zuckerberg, was honoured with Person of the Year 2010, by People Magazine (see picture above).

Yeah Facebook!
I became fascinated with Zuckerberg when I saw the movie: Social Network.  I think it is crazy that a few guys (very computer-tech-savy guys) came up with the most viewed website in the world, in a dorm room!  It is absolutely amazing!  Regardless of drama that revolves around the creation of Facebook, it is amazing how much of it has changed 500 million people's lives.

I remember when I was in university (as if it was so long ago), when I first heard about Facebook.  I signed up and it was great!  I even remember getting mad when I heard that they were going to allow high school students to be on Facebook.  That is how recent all of this was!  Amazing!

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook Icons
I think Zuckerberg made a good decision in not selling Facebook and staying on as CEO.  He got to take control of Facebook and make it into what it is today. 

 Thanks Zuckerberg for being a recent obsession! 

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