Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recent obsessions: Photography

Welcome to another exciting segment of RECENT OBSESSIONS! This time I will be talking about my love of photography.

I have loved photography for awhile and recently begun to appreciate it more because of traveling.  Traveling has been an amazing outlet to practice taking better photos.  Traveling has also forced me to become a better photo editor as well.  I have been using Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos and learning this software has been fun and exciting!

You can see what I have been working on, on my Flikr Photostream.

A true inspiration of photography is the winner of the TED talk... prize.... I forget what he won.  But just watch the video and you will be truely inspired to use your old film cameras too!  I use my Dad's old Pentex K1000 and it is so much fun!  If I had access to a dark room, it would be so much fun!  Enjoy the video below:

Not only do I like taking photos, I also like being in them.  You can check out all my jump photos and hands in the air photos. But a friend a mine who is an amazing photographer, James Prevette.  He has taken some photos of me and they are awesome!  We actually did a shoot together not too long ago and the crane photo below was one of the products of it! 

At the Chingay parade.
Crane Shoot
I hope you enjoyed this segment of RECENT OBSESSIONS!  Until next time.......

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