Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eat! Vancouver

I like to consider myself a foodie and at Eat! Vancouver, I felt right at home. There were so many exhibitors, people and boys and girls in their white jackets and cooking hats! It was so much fun! I really liked how many local vendors there were. There was also a lot of travel exhibitors that were talking about food in different places which was great!

There was the "over 19" area. Featuring some great drinks and different brands of rum (lots of rum). Jenn and I tried some tequila! Nom Nom Nom!

Now! Onto the Chef Competition!

Presenting Colman Herrington!

It was so much fun to watch a live chef cook off! It was a black box competition. This is where they don't know what they are going to be working with. Colman and the guy he was going head-to-head were present with pork chops, spicy pork sausage and hickama. I have never had hickama and Colman gave me some and it was delicious! Oh, I almost forgot, the chefs were allowed to bring an item of their choice into the competition and some of chefs challenged Colman to bring KRAFT DINNER! And he used it! It was quite tasty too!

Colman's Finished product:

I got so nervous during the competition! Colman did great and his looked wonderful, however he lost by 1 point! So close! Well, good on ya Colman! You were amazing to watch!

Eat! Vancouver is a fantastic event and its new location was perfect, The Vancouver Convention Centre! Amazing event! Good times and great food!

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