Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mumford & Sons Performance


Last weekend (the before the one that jsut happened) Jenn and I had tickets to the sold out show: Mumford & Sons. We didn't go to the free show that was earlier that day but I heard from friends that that show was amazing as well.

Doors opened at 8pm and the opener didn't go on until about 9pm. The are called "The Middle East" from Queensland, Australia. They were wonderful. There were so many members to this band and each member had a wide variety of talents. Some of them were switching instruments or playing multiple instruments at once. Sometimes the had almost the entire band singing. There are I think eight members and five of them were vocals. I really enjoyed the female vocalist/piano and the long hair (with no beard) vocalist/guitarist voice. This band has the most hair I have ever seen in a band. Every single member has has to their shoulds or a beard. So lots of hair. Some of their songs were a little wierd but a couple of them were amazing.

Two of my favourite songs that they performed are featured on their myspace:

Great performance by The Middle East. Thank you for sharing your gift!

Mumford & Sons. That was hands down one of my all time favourite performances by any band I have seen live. Absolutely amazing. They were funny with their banter. Their energy during the performance was incredible. They played a Neil Young song and they were scared that they were going to die (here in Canada). They also played new songs that were a little different from their regular stuff. It was just all around an amazing performance. I had so much fun. I was dancing and singing and having a good ol' time!

The venue was also great. It was at 560 Club on Seymour. It was small but very modern. A little over priced for drinks but nothing too bad. Amazing place! I hope that this place turns into the new Richards on Richards. Perfect size and atmosphere!

If you want to check out this amazing band: http://www.mumfordandsons.com/

Thank you Mumford & Sons for becoming part of my life, I am truely grateful that I got to see you up close and personal before you became so popular that the closest I would be able to get to you is row 101 in some big fancy stadium.

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