Monday, June 7, 2010

Playing Tourist in our Own City!

The other weekend Jenn and I played tourist in our own city. First we headed to Vancouver Art Gallery. It was ok. The exhibits weren't up my alley, but it's really cool to see things that people put a lot of time and work into. First there was an exhibit where the artist made short videos with artwork and story boards. Some of the artwork was very limited. Like they had just the facial features of people featured in the movie. The movies themselves were also quite confusing. They had very limited dialogue and had underlying messages that were hard to see.

Then we head to Science world. It was really fun and way more interesting now that I know a thing or two about the science of this wonderful world of ours. First off we made a puzzle of a fish! It took us awhile to do it but it was so satisfying when it was completed.

The puzzles were really fun. There were also some interactive games, like how far can you stretch, how high can you jump and this awesome relaxing game! It is a battle and whoever relaxes the most wins! Jenn is...well... not even close to how relaxed I am all the time so I won in about two seconds. The game shows your brain activity and the idea is to have as little brain activity as possible.

The featured exhibit was a treasure exhibit showcasing different methods of finding treasure and some history of major treasure findings. They also had this over sized padlock that you had to break, which was kind of cool. There was a pirate game where you had to blow up other ships using a cannon.

It was a fun day!

Challenge for everyone: Go play tourist in your home town and see what surprises you will find!

Best wishes!

Here are photos of Jenn and I trying to get ourselves in a tiny box! Enjoy!

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